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Alvy Carragher

"She has the gist, but not the knack,

the gist is building with bravery

to take a tree stripped of all its dignity,

then put it back together tenderly."             

A young woman wakes feeling raw and tender after a one-night stand. She leaves a strange man sleeping in her bed and goes running. Marked by the anxiety of living in a city that does not feel like home, she must face the men and memories kept under her bed.

Book cover for the men I keep under my bed

The men I keep under my bed

"as if no generation can kill the ghosts of the last
as if we're all buried with them
and their dirt is trapped between our teeth
forming the sleep in our eyes"

About me

Born in 1989, I'm an Irish poet who lives, works and writes in Toronto. Originally, I grew up in Ireland along the River Shannon in both Galway and Tipperary. I've since lived in Louisiana, Dublin, South Korea, and Canada. I will be returning home to Ireland in April, 2024. 


I've published two books of poetry and a novel.  My work has been archived  by the National Poetry Archive in Ireland, and my third full-length poetry book is set to be published in 2024.


Mini version of the book cover the men I keep under my bed
Book cover mini | falling in love with broken things
Small version book cover of the cantankerous molly darling

The men I keep under my bed


Falling in love with broken things


The Cantankerous Molly Darling

(Novel for children/YA)

Poetry Videos

Poetry Videos

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